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Hello Everyone, this is not a promotional post at all but a REALLY LONG POST in which I have completely explained, The FUNNEL and PROCESSES to get 22000% ROI without spending a Dime on Facebook Ads.

So recently I launched a course on Teachable titled as ‘Master Chatbot Marketing with Devvrat Singh’ with Tons of content in terms of Video, Image, PPT, links to various other resources and also mastermind FB group with 2 live session every week.

Everything was perfect till the point I have myself a Challenge to generate initial Big Revenue without Paid Ads because I wanted to Challenge my marketing as well as Growth Hacking skills.

Here the Steps taken to achieve that freaking Results :

Step 1 – Build a Top Notch Course

If your course is a shit please don’t invest your time and money promoting it. With Teachable it’s absolutely easy to create an super awesome course with a proper flow.

So the first step is creating a course that your audience would really admire, appreciate and would also love to drop a review for it.

Step 2 – Make some really faithful partnership’s

If you have just started in the niche of training and coaching then it’s better to leverage the network, reach and following of an individual or organisation who are pre established.

In my scenario I leveraged Instagram Influencer in Internet Marketing , YouTube Influencer with active subscriber’s and also reaching out to Facebook Group admin with an really active members base.

So before the launch of my course I reached out to all the people who can potentially promote my course to their audience.

Step 3 – Create your Funnel for Free Traffic

A right funnel is really important to harness the traffic that you will generate from your partnership.

In my scenario, the Funnel was driving all traffic to my Messenger Chatbot and from there to my FB Group and after a delay of 3 days we were creating Messenger Chat groups as well as WhatsApp through multiple API’S and Links.

Step 4 – Make a Noise and Gain Attention

This is one of the most important step after you have finished your partnership’s.

Here’s an perfect startegy to leverage your partnership on multiple platforms:

Instagram – Start going Live with your partner’s on their Instagram account. Be a part of their Stories and also have some images on their Instagram wall with a some promotional stuff. Focus on Driving traffic to your Chatbot or Landing Page.

YouTube – At Least create 5 videos in which 4 can be educational and 1 can be completely promotional with your every single partner. Insert your landing page or Chatbot link in description. Make 2-5 appeals in the video to take action and take a step further

So I worked on creating at least 34+ videos with multiple

Facebook Group – This is an gold mine to get a quality promotion’s and get access to pre qualified audience for a specific niche.

I have been personally knowing a lot of FB group admins and then we planned various LIVE in multiple groups on a very diversified range of tops mostly dealing with AMA’s ( Ask Me Anything session ). This helped me to create an authority and get a lot of member’s in my own group.

Step 5 : Create an Buzz and create unique OBBE ( Offers & Bonuses Beyond Expectations )

Success of any course or program greatly relies on this point too. I was able to generate such an awesome result because my OBBE was insanely HOT?.

If you promise to deliver them 20 E-books then deliver them 50 E-books that’s true OBBE.

Give them opportunity to have a strategic or consultation call of 60 mins divided into 3 small 20 min call.

Also give them access to a private FB group as well as Whatsapp/ Skype group. Help them in their growth to an extent that they feel to drop a Review or Testimonial for You without even asking.

Step 6 : Take Action and Be a Shameless Seller


If all the elements mentioned in the process are perfect but you are not promoting your course or programme like a freak seller and increasing conversion than all your efforts are worthless.

I have did this mistake by being shy in promoting my course but it’s a Win / Lose situation of your not a Shameless promoter. If you sell that 1 extra Ticket , 1 extra course , 1 extra consultation session, 1 extra product you only WIN and that Adrenaline rush is totally different also that helps you to expand your business in long term.

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