Testimonials & Reviews

Srijan Bhardwaj has done 15Cr revenue in just one year with E-Com and has active community of 7K Members

Saurabh Bhatnagar is the Best FB Ads Expert in India with more than 1 Million in revenue last year and trained more than 10000+ students through SBU.in

Shabbir Ahmed Khan is one of the Top CPA Marketers of India with his own CPA Platforms that helps big brands.

Simran Pall is the Co-founder of multiples Top softwares like Adscrisp, VideoAppsuite, Instamate and made more than Million Dollars in revenue from just SaaS


How Gaurav recently closed $2000 clients in less than 1 month after joining the course

How Deepesh in 12th Standard made more than Rs. 70K in less than 6 months by Chatbot Marketing

Aman invested in his learning and he has made more than $30,000 in revenue over last 8 months

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Frequently Asked Quetions (FAQ)

Q. What will I get to learn from the webinar?
It took me more than 3+ years to learn the principles of Internet Marketing and Conversational Marketing which is an Hot selling in the Industry. If you are looking for something to learn that helps you generate Passive Income then it is the skill that you need to learn now.
Q. What will I get into the Webinar?
? How ChatBots can Skyrocket your Marketing requirements?
? The best platform to design your Messenger Bots?
? The advanced tools on my favorite Bot Platform?
? How to Build a Tribe of engaged followers for your Brand?

Live – Building a bot over a 2-hour Live webinar call

Case study :

[+] How I build a chatbot that has over 250 agency owners from around the world

[+] How a small tweak on Facebook helped me in gaining 3-7 calendar appointments.

[+] The affiliate marketing bot integration ( Part of Million Dollar Launch Challenge)

Q. Do I need to pay extra for the other two webinars?
Nooooooooooo!!! When you purchase the tickets for Master Messenger Marketing webinar ( http://bit.ly/Devwebinar ) you get FREE Access to other two webinars as well.
Q. What are the other two webinars?
Webinar 2 – Learn Kickass Affliate Marketing

Webinat 3 – How to launch a million dollar software product ( Casestudy Adscrisp )

Q. What if I miss the Webinar?
Don’t worry at all you will get access to complete webinar recordings in just 8 hrs after the webinar is completed.
Q. How can I make money?
I’ll be sharing my all the best 3 strategies that’s really making money you just need to Implement.
Q. Would be the price same for the tickets?
Again a Big Nooooo. The prices will be increasing as we will be approaching the day of webinar it will go upto Rs. 1200+ one day before Webinar.
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