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There will be No Upsells for this course as you will get everything on the Love Works Accelerator Landing Page


The Love Works Accelerator program will take you on a holistic journey that can transform your relationship from broken & miserable to thriving, happy, and free from the root causes of your relationship struggles. If you want to love yourself, live your truth with each other, and find true happiness and freedom together, then this is for you!

You’ll Learn How to Accept Each Other

Research suggests the most important ingredient in sustaining a long-term relationship is emotional accessibility, or availability,

You’ll Get To Know Yourself.

The way people react to stress differs greatly and has a lot to do with their upbringing,

You’ll Learn To Appreciate Each Other.

Appreciation and affection top the list of core qualities among strong, healthy couples

The Chill Vault Stress Management Academy

You'll learn all about self-care, life balance, and managing stress, overwhelm and burnout to get you healthy, happy, and back on track.

Fiverr Freelancing Strategy
Fiverr Freelancing Strategy

Heal Your Mental & Emotional Health Issues

Get help for your anxiety, depression, trauma, overwhelm, fear, worry, and dread. No more shame & stigma. It’s OK, NOT to be OK!

Communicate Compassionately and Fairly.

You’ll learn how to connect on an emotional level with your partner

Family Healing Center

You will learn how to heal your love, relationships, and family by healing yourself and your loved ones

Become Committed to the Relationship By putting each other first.

Research shows that commitment is a key factor in couples’ longevity. Understandably, feeling secure that your relationship won’t fall apart at the first sign of conflict takes away some anxiety couples might feel when dealing with problems.


No problem: We’ve got your back! While the Love Works Accelerator is Meant to Build a Great Love That Grows & Last, you may decide that it’s to move on, and split. We’ll show you how to plan for and exit the relationship responsibility, with the least amount of collateral damage and hurt pride and feelings, and find a love that will work for you and your partner..

PLUS, you have a Supportive Community of AMAZING coaches, counselors, wellness practitioners to support your healing journey and quickly get you back to a life you will love.

Whether you’re looking to create a lasting and powerful love for each other or just change everything that is no longer working, this community is perfect for you.

Most people are lonely, isolated, and disconnected in their relationship. You will learn how this loving and supportive community can help you overcome your “biggest challenges, renewed self-confidence, trust and hope, and peace-of-mind and certainty.”

Our community believes that when you know better, you can do better. Your shares will be totally confidential and safe with our coaches..


let’s see if you’re a good fit, then we will go in the rocket ship together to create the love, happiness, and the success in your relationship you really want

We will ONLY select a small group of new people and spots will go VERY VERY fast.

If you are serious about your recovery and want to fix your life, then go apply now and be considered to become my next success story.

what people say about us

“Mitch & Renee lead with love, compassion, and understanding, but most importantly, they know how to make love work really well, and can help you do the hard work of fixing what’s broken and growing your love for each other!”


Meet Sophie & Paul

We learned how to stop the madness, resolve our codependency problems, and make our marriage soar!

Meet Matt & Cheryl

They learned to listen and understand each other and successfully navigate conflict and anger. It saved their 20-year relationship and creating a lasting bond with their kids.

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Meet Jack & Jerry

We stopped self-sabotaging our relationship, understand our emotional needs and differences, and reunite after a painful separation.

Meet Kate and Susan

Mitch helped us shed the stigma of same-sex marriage and gave us the tools and confidence to create a love that works and grows!!

Meet Oliver & Charlotte

Oliver was devastated by Charlotte’s cheating and filed for divorce. After an intense relationship workout, they are now joined in love, trust, and admiration for each other!

Meet John & Karen

John had suffered from physical abuse in childhood, and he shut down in the relationship. After completing Emotionally Focused Therapy, they are closer than ever and have found a certainty and trust they never thought possible!

Our Mission

The mission of the Love Works Accelerator Program is to help motivated couples in distress stop the insanity and build a far richer, deeper, and more meaningful relationship that will survive and be resilient no matter what life throws your way. And, if you choose to finally call it quits, we’ll show you how to do it right, minimizing collateral damage with family, finances, and each other!

These are the steps we’ll take together to help you fix your broken relationship:


Finally, a complete workout and kickstart to loving and relating to others.  Whether your love work is with a partner, parent, child, or good friend, love is the essential ingredient that brings us all together.  We all need to connect and relate deeply to other people if we ever intend on becoming and staying happy, and this complete course covers all the things you need to know, develop and master in your own life, so that you can be the very best person for yourself and for others.  Share the blessings of a good life by mastering how to give and get the love you both want and need!

Meet Mitch

Co-Founder and Chief Love & Relationship Coach

Dear Friends,

LOVE is the one precious thing still worth fighting for: Love for ourselves, our partners, our kids, and families, good friends and community –  even for something greater and bigger than ourselves. Love heals all…

My parents stayed married until death bid them farewell, but fought all the time and stayed together for the sake of the kids. 

I, too, married, had a beautiful family, but despite trying, couldn’t get our marriage to work. After 25 years of struggle and dysfunction, we finally called it quits. We both felt misunderstood and underappreciated.  We were both so lonely and isolated in the marriage. The kids were devastated and paid a high price for our misery and stubbornness, but we were just so stuck. It really broke my heart.

During and after the marriage ended, I struggled with my own dark thoughts, addiction, codependency, shame, guilt, and  regret that things didn’t turn out happily ever after. What ever happened to the sanctity, hope, and promise we both felt we deserved?

It took me another 10 years of self-discovery, humility, and letting go before I became humble and honest enough to try falling in love again; That true love became my true life partner, Renee, who also struggled in her own marriages and life. 

Today, we share a deep love and respect for each other. Despite our many differences, we are both each others’ best friends, and we have each others’ back;  Our love has taken on a life of its own that drives us to be better people. Our pursuit of “true love” has become easy, fun, and worth it. We work tirelessly on improving ourselves and healing others. It all works so well and has brought us so much joy.  Today, we are eager servants helping many others to experience the same.

You need not struggle as we both did; Why? Because, there are so many incredible tools available to help you become a better, smarter, more aware and loving partner. Renee and I both know about life dysfunction: We are both in recovery, healed from codependency, and have mastered the tools and methods we are about to share with you on your own journey to find a love that matters and lasts – whether that journey is together or on your own.


This program is very real, holistic, and organic (no “BS”); It works 90% of the time – if you’re ready to make the commitment and do the work. If you do the work as outlined, we’re so sure that this program will work for you, we will refund 110% of your purchase!

We’ll help you heal yourself and your partner, learn how to live happily ever after together or by yourself, and find that love is easier than you think and is sooo worth it! 

So, join us on this exciting journey to wholeness, happiness, and wellbeing and accept this gift that is yours for the taking. I promise you that if you trust the process we will teach you, you will both be changed for the better, forever!

All Our Love,

Mitch & Renee XOX

What Clients Are Saying About the Love Accelerator Program

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about
Love Works Accelerator Coaching and Academy.

Soberlife.Me was created for 2 types of people: 1) If you are in early recovery – whether you’ve just left a detox/rehab, just getting started in your recovery journey alone,  or

2. You’ve stop growing or are just stuck in your recovery no matter how many days or years you may be counting and want more from life than just not drinking or drugging, then this program is the perfect next step or accelerator to healing the real causes and conditions of your addiction or you just want to grow and mature your life 

Mitch’s coaching is a comprehensive, step-by-step journey to achieving elevated sobriety and well-being. There’s no bounds to what you can learn with our Sober Life Academy program. Expect slow, drastic, radically good change.

Mitch’s live workshops take place in our private Facebook group, usually on week day mornings. Each session is 30 to 45 minutes long. We publish the schedule of upcoming workshops in the Facebook group. If you miss the live coaching, you can access the workshop collection on the Soberlife.Me or members website.

We can tell you with certainty that anything you put in front of your sobriety you will risk picking up. Soberlife.Me is designed to be 100% at your own pace focusing on the goals you and your coach set each week. To start, just choose what you need to master from your Recovery Blueprint. When you’ve mastered one, add another. It’s as simple as that. Engage with the weekly workshops and meditations, even if it’s 5-7 hours each week. You are never behind, and you are never late.

Yes. Soberlife.Me is designed to treat the whole person holistically – body, mind, emotions, spirit, and will help you with any new life skills that will improve your life and wellbeing.

Yes. You will work with your accountability coach each week for a total of 4 weeks. Each session is designed to be completed within 45 minutes to an hour. If you need additional 1:1 or group coaching help, you can either purchase another 4 weeks of accountability coaching or join our Premium Soberlife.Me Sober Living Academy where you’ll have extensive access to your coach (1:1) and also in group coaching. 

I’ve designed a free training program that will teach you how to get your partner excited about participating with you. You’ll get access to it as soon as you register for the Coaching Program. However, even if they don’t participate, take comfort that your relationship troubles are not your fault or your partner’s fault. They are caused by the relationship dynamic you unconsciously co-create together.
So, don’t worry. You can singlehandedly turn your relationship around, whether or not your partner participates. How can I be so sure of this? How can I be so sure of this? More than 10 years and talking with hundreds of my clients that have proven this fact.

The coaching program is a 7-week home-study relationship repair program backed by scientific research.
It is an online alternative to couples counseling delivered via weekly online training videos and downloadable workbooks.
You also get 7 group coaching calls with me (Mitch) so you are guaranteed to get help with your unique situation.
Here’s how it works:
Each Saturday you’ll receive access to new set of relationship repair training videos that will teach you communication skills, proven strategies and tools to get you both on the same page. These videos will take approximately 1-hour per week to watch.
Your implementation workbook will guide you step-by-step through a series of powerful exercises and conversations that will get you on the same page.
Finally, once a week we’ll connect for 90 minutes on our live group mentoring call together. You ask me questions and I provide solutions tailored to your specific relationship situation.


110% Money Back

We are so sure you’re going to love the Sobriety Accelerator that we’re f you are not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days and after completing all the work assigned, we will happily refund you 110% of the purchase price.

Disclaimer:  Nothing contained on this website is intended to provide health care advice. Should you have any health care-related questions, please call or see your physician or other health care provider. The safety and security of our members is our top priority. Individual results may vary.  Our guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with any of your subscriptions, AND you show that you have done all the work required of you within 30 calendar days of purchase, we will happily consider any refund requests.

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