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We teach struggling couples in crisis how to reconnect with love, understanding, and devotion for each other for life with the #1 rated couples therapy called EFT, and without the pain and hardship of divorce, breakup and family dysfunction


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Can you relate to any of these?

You walk on eggshells, afraid to talk about sensitive topics together

You’re emotional needs are not being met.

You &/or your partner struggle with finances, codependency, or substance abuse problems.

You feel alone & disconnected from your partner. You argue constantly.

You’re afraid to leave because you fear change, feel guilty, or worry about your kids or family.

You don’t spend quality time together, feel lonely and disconnected.

There’s no intimacy, passion, or trust.

You need something more out of the relationship, but your partner is clueless and is not on the same page as you.

You’re thinking about cheating, or already have.

You feel so lost, unhappy, and need help now!

We’ll Teach You How To Fix Your Relationship, Find the Love, Intimacy, and Passion you Deserve, or Learn How To Say Goodbye!

from the privacy of your home, without expensive couples therapy

LOVE is the one precious thing still worth fighting for: Love for ourselves, our partners, our kids, and families, good friends and community –  even for something greater and bigger than ourselves. Love heals all…

My parents stayed married until death bid them farewell, but fought all the time and stayed together for the sake of the kids. 

I, too, married, had a beautiful family, but despite trying, couldn’t get our marriage to work. After 25 years of struggle and dysfunction, we finally called it quits. Our friends kept telling us we were polar opposites, and we both felt misunderstood and underappreciated.  We were both so lonely and isolated in the marriage. The kids were devastated and paid a high price for our misery and stubbornness, but we were just so stuck. It really broke my heart.
During and after the marriage ended, I struggled with my own dark thoughts, addiction, codependency, and regret that things didn’t turn out happily ever after. What ever happened to the sanctity, hope, and promise we both felt we deserved?

It took me another 10 years of self-discovery, humility, and letting go before I became humble and honest enough to try falling in love again; That true love became my true life partner, Renee, who also struggled in her own marriages and life. 

Today, we share a deep love and respect for each other. Despite our many differences, we are both each others’ best friends, and we have each others’ back;  Our love has taken on a life of its own that drives us to be better people. Our pursuit of “true love” has become easy, fun, and worth it. We work tirelessly on improving ourselves and healing others. It all works so well and has brought us so much joy.  Today, we are eager servants helping many others to experience the same.


You need not struggle as we both did; Why? Because, there are so many incredible tools available to help you become a better, smarter, more aware and loving partner. We are both in recovery, healed from codependency, and have mastered the tools and methods we are about to share with you on your own journey to find a love that matters and lasts – whether that journey is together or on your own. 

This program is very real, holistic, and organic (no “BS”); It works 90% of the time – if you’re ready to make the commitment and do the work. If you do the work as outlined, we’re so sure that this program will work for you, we will refund 110% of your purchase!

We’ll help you heal yourself and your partner, learn how to live happily ever after together or by yourself, and find that love is easier than you think and is sooo worth it! 

So, join us on this exciting journey to wholeness, happiness, and wellbeing and accept this gift that is yours for the taking. I promise you that if you trust the process we will teach you,
you will both be changed for the better, forever!

Meet Your Coaches

Mitchell Fenton

Mitch is a sought-after love and relationship coach and “results” counselor – specializing in addiction, codependency, narcissistic personalities, and other mental/emotional health issues. He is an accomplished author, course creator, and entrepreneur – with over 30 books and courses on personal development. He leads from the heart and soul, and is best known for his ability to teach others how to love themselves, each other, and become vulnerable and empowered to change the things that no longer work. He walks the walk and can show you how he personally overcame divorce and adversity to find a love and commitment that lasts – and how you can do the same!

Renee Kemmeries

Renee is Mitch’s partner in life, love, and shared joy and happiness. She is an accomplished and devoted RN and Counselor, and has worked with individuals like us, couples, and families to heal and grow. Renee is one of the most loving, compassionate, and nurturing people you will ever meet, and her clients and coworkers rave about her ability to get to the heart of the matter! Our clients love her empathy, understanding, positivity and ability to consisdtently get great results,

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Modules are released every week for 8 weeks. And, you’ll have lifetime access to the content, so you can return to the material any time and learn at your own pace.


How did we all get here?

You will learn what, how, and why our relationships become so painful and dysfunctional, and how our emotional attachments from childhood, reimagined, are our best chance for survival and success. Together, we will explore the innerworks of emotionally focused therapy, and how correcting this can help heal and free you both from the negative bondage of self and each other.



Feeling and understanding our emotions as friends and lovers

This module is designed to help you see how emotions impact our attitudes and behavior towards each other positively and negatively. You will learn how to identify and feel your feelings and use them to better help your partner understand and care for you. We will explore and heal difficult emotions such as contempt, hurt, shame, guilt, and jealousy. You will learn how your negative relationship patterns can be changed so that you and partner care and communicate more effectively, resolve conflict better, and can hold space for each other no matter what challenges come your way.



Restoring faith, trust, and respect for each other:

I’ll show you how to rebuild a deeper and lasting bond and respect with each other. You will understand how your attitudes and behaviors impact each other and you will get to know your partner as your true and desirable friend. You’ll come to set healthy boundaries with each other, manage codependency and addiction issues, how to build self-confidence, self-esteem, and self worth; and how to end negative self-talk.



Forgiving and letting go of the past. Setting realistic expectations for the future. Getting it right in the “Now.”

These powerful tools will help transform your pain, disappointment and anger into a new design for living together peacefully, and where a true love can take root and blossom. We will teach you how to forgive yourself and each other, how to set easy and achievable goals together, and how to bounce-back no matter what life throws your way.



Rebuilding your bond with each other and yourself.

As you both come to realize that we are all imperfect human beings -warts and all, that with truthful and honest intent and better understanding of your shared goals and vision, you can begin to put ‘humpty-dumpty’ back together again, while creating a new and reborn life together. You will experience a new found sense of peace, serenity, and freedom you never thought possible.


Maintaining intimacy, rejuvenating your sex life, and loving your time together.

By now, you’ve come to understand each others’ need and wants, and you can explore a deeper intimacy and connection than ever before. As you continue to understand and grow your trust and faith in your partner, your relationship will transform, your sex life will greatly will be greatly improve and become exciting again, and you will find a new-found peace and happiness within and together.


Healing the family and growing your love for each other.

In recreating ourselves and each other, we come to realize the collateral damage broken relationships can cause: Wounded kids, parents, extended families are also hurt and suffering. In the process of letting love die, we now need to help the family unit heal, grow, and prosper. We will teach you how to live, love, and relate better to all those you love and who love you.



When to know if it’s time to move on…

Through this process of radical rediscovery of yourself and your primary love relationship, you may decide to live your lives separately. However you choose, you will do it out of love, caring, understanding, and mutual respect.  You will have done the next right thing and minimized the collateral damage in the process!



In this extra lesson, we will focus on case studies and challenges of real couples that have been where you are, and have chosen to make love work between them. I will also share our many other proven tools for managing anxiety, stress, and depression: , meditation, yoga, and mindfulness, working through healing and trauma, building great friendships and relationships, managing mental health and addiction issues, and even building a spiritual life together to find greater meaning and purpose.


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Margaret & Davis
Margaret & Davis

“We are solving disagreements quicker, there are fewer of them and our recovery time is minutes, not days!!! I’m no longer afraid of our differences. We had been to counselors, but still struggled to connect. Now we have practical tools that have helped us work on those issues. Mitch, your efforts have helped us immensely! So superior to any books I have read and marriage counseling. We are so very grateful for you fighting so hard for our success, I owe you so much, Mitch.”

Neo & Arlena
Neo & Arlena

We argue less and are more understanding, supportive and accepting of each other. When things go wrong, we now have tools to work with and they never seem to fail. This program moved our relationship out of critical and into stable. We are thoroughly enjoying being in love with each other again. Since completing the course, we are more connected and we laugh and have good times together again. Thank you Mitch.”


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Lovworxs

The course starts immediately upon your purchase. When you register now, you’ll receive immediate access to the Quick start Videos. If you’ve registered a week or more before we begin the program, these videos will get you started repairing things between you right away.

I’ve designed a free training program that will teach you how to get your partner excited about participating with you. You’ll get access to it as soon as you register for the Coaching Program. However, even if they don’t participate, take comfort that your relationship troubles are not your fault or your partner’s fault. They are caused by the relationship dynamic you unconsciously co-create together.

The Mentoring Calls are group calls, so you won’t be having private calls with me.

However, you (along with the other participants in the program) can talk directly with me on the Mentoring Calls.

You can ask me questions or get help and solutions to your unique relationship problem. I may work with you alone, or ask your partner to join the conversation too. Participation is completely voluntary.

Yes, as long as you let us know within a week of your program starting, you can transfer to any coaching program that begins within 6 months of the program that you purchased.

The coaching program is a 8-week home-study relationship repair program backed by scientific research.

It is an online alternative to couples counseling delivered via weekly online training videos and downloadable workbooks.

No. I designed the course to be delivered week by week. This way, you get enough time to learn the tools and practice using them in your relationship. The program is a tested system and it’s important to follow the protocol.

In fact, I’ll do you one better! I’m so sure you’re going to get results, that I’m offering a 110% money back guarantee. I stand fully behind all my programs. Period. No Questions Asked!.

If you participate fully and complete the program as designed and you’re not 100% satisfied that I’ve delivered what I promised, just send me an email within a week after our final Mentoring Call and I’ll refund 110% of your purchase price!!.


110% Money Back

We are so sure you’re going to love the Sobriety Accelerator that we’re f you are not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days and after completing all the work assigned, we will happily refund you 100% of the purchase price.

Our gurantee

If you are not completely satisfied with any of your subscriptions, AND you show that you have done all the work required of you within 30 calendar days of purchase, we will happily refund  110% of your purchase price. PERIOD!.


Disclaimer: LOVE is the one precious thing still worth fighting for: Love for ourselves, our partners, our kids, and families, good friends and community –  even for something greater and bigger than ourselves. Love heals all…This program is very real, holistic, and organic (no “BS”); It works 90% of the time – we’re so sure that this program will work for you, we will refund 110% of your purchase!

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